Technology is a new variant in the FFG edition. It includes a special deck of 20 tech cards and three tokens that go along with them.

Rules Edit

To play with technology, after normal setup is completed, shuffle the technology deck and deal two tech cards to each player. Each player chooses one to keep face down in front of him or her and one to discard.

During each player's regroup phase, before the offense retrieves a ship from the warp, each player (not just the offense) has the option to research or complete one of his or her tech cards (a player may do neither, but may not do both in the same regroup phase).

  • To research, the player takes one of his or her ships from any of his or her colonies and places it onto one of his or her face-down tech cards. Ships researching tech cards are considered to be in their owners' home systems but do not participate in encounters.
  • To complete a tech, the player turns it face up and returns the ships researching it to his or her colonies. If the number of ships that were researching it is equal to or greater than its research number, the tech is completed (kept face up) and may now be used; if not, the tech is abandoned and discarded. A research value of X on a tech card means the player may use any number of ships to complete it.

If a player has the opportunity to have a second (or further) encounter on his or her turn but chooses not to, he or she may draw additional tech cards. The player draws one tech card plus one more for each foreign colony he or she has and chooses one to keep face down, discarding the rest. There is no limit to the number of tech cards a player may have and no penalty for incomplete tech cards.

Tech cards may not be traded in deals; however, the official FAQ suggests that being able to trade them could be a "fun house rule."

List of technology cards Edit

Name Research value Phase Effect
Coldsleep Ship 9 Regroup Discard to gain a colony in any player's system using up to four ships from your other colonies.
Collapsium Hulls 4 Resolution Remains in play. When you lose an encounter as the defense by 5 or less, keep one of your ships on the planet instead of sending it to the warp.
Cosmic Field Generator 2 Any phase Discard to cancel any player's alien power (counts as the use of a Cosmic Zap).
Delta Scanners 2 Regroup Discard to take one card from the discard pile and add it to your hand.
Energy Cloak 4 Launch Discard to prevent the defense from being able to invite any allies during this encounter.
Enigma Device 4 Regroup Discard to force each player (starting with you and proceeding in turn order) to draw from the deck or discard at random until he or she has 8 cards in hand. You may discard as many cards of your choice as you want from your hand before you use this tech.
Genesis Bomb 4 Regroup Do not reveal until used. Reveal and discard to take the Genesis planet and place it in your system as a new home planet. You may immediately gain a colony on it using any or all of the ships that were researching this tech.
Gluon Mines X Planning Do not reveal until used. Reveal and discard to send one opposing ship to the warp for each ship researching this tech. If there are no opposing ships left after you use this tech, you win the encounter, otherwise it continues normally.
Infinity Drive 6 Resolution If you have any encounter cards in hand, discard to immediately have an encounter (regardless of whose turn it is). Afterward, play resumes from where it left off.
Lunar Cannon 5 Reveal On completion, take the lunar cannon token and place it in between two of your home planets. While this tech is in play, you control the lunar cannon. If you are involved in an encounter at a planet adjacent to the lunar cannon, you may add 10 to your side's total. Each time a wild destiny card is drawn, you may move the lunar cannon to a new position in any system.
Omega Missile 8 Regroup Discard to destroy any planet, removing it from the game and sending all ships on it to the warp.
Plasma Thrusters 6 Launch/


Remains in play. As the offense or an ally, you may send one extra ship into an encounter.
Precursor Seed 9 Any phase On completion, draw an unused alien power at random (if it has Game Setup text, discard it and draw again). While this tech is in play, you use this extra alien power in addition to your own.
The Prometheus 7 Any phase On completion, take the Prometheus token and place it in one of your colonies. While this tech is in play, you control the Prometheus, which counts as one of your ships in all ways except it adds an extra +3 to your side's total when it is involved in an encounter.
The Qax 4 Alliance You may give this tech to another player when you invite him or her to ally to force that player to ally with you and send four ships (or as many as possible up to four; the player is not required to abandon any of his or her colonies to do so). That player may later give this tech to another player (including you), and so on.
Quark Battery 3 Reveal On completion, place an encounter card from your hand face down under it. Later, as a main player, you may discard this tech to discard your revealed encounter card and replace it with the card that was under this tech.
Tech Scrambler X Any phase Do not reveal until used. Reveal and discard to cancel and discard any tech card in play whose research number is less than or equal to the number of ships researching this tech.
Vacuum Turbines 2 Regroup Discard to draw four cards from the deck. You may add any or all of them to your hand; discard the rest.
Warpspace Key 3 Regroup Discard at the start of one of your encounters to retrieve all of your ships from the warp.
Xenon Lasers 3 Reveal Remains in play. You may add 1 to or subtract 1 from your side's total in any encounter you are involved in.