Power of patience
Limits length of game
Tick-Tock (FFG)
Each time the discard pile is shuffled to create a new deck, you may immediately establish a colony on any one of your opponents' home planets with up to four of your ships.
Each time you win a challenge or make a deal, you may send one of your ships to the warp to discard a token from your alien sheet. This is in addition to any tokens you may discard through normal use of your power.

Tick-Tock is an alien currently exclusive to Cosmic Encounter (FFG). Tick-Tock's power gives it an alternate winning condition: if the defense wins or a deal is made a certain number of times in total over the game, Tick-Tock wins. Tick-Tock's counter starts at ten (eight in the four-planet varient) and is counted with tokens.


This alien's effect on the game is unusual - basically he affects the play of all the other aliens. However, his power does not directly benefit him in challenges or normal gameplay, which can sometimes be frustrating.


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