Tripler is an alien that changes the value of its cards. Whenever it plays a 10 or less, the card is tripled. If the card played is higher than 10, the card is divided by 3, rounded up.


Power of thrice
Low pods triple, high pods 1/3

Tripler premiered online. Here, Tripler's power is used before pods are revealed, creating a double-guessing situation for those who are holding a Cosmic Zap. With the ability to multiply negative pods (making them even smaller), it is a bigger threat to Anti-Matter and Loser than other aliens.


Power of thrice
Low cards triple, high cards 1/3
Tripler (FFG)
As a main player, after your opponent reveals an attack card of 15 or higher, you may divide that attack card's value by 3 (rounding up) before any other effects are applied.
When you use your power, you may triple the value of any attack cards that are 13 or less instead of 10 or less.

Tripler is one of two aliens (the other being Mite) to originate online before appearing in a print version of the game. Here, Tripler's power is moved to after cards are revealed, which makes more sense in some ways by matching the timing of similar aliens such as Virus.

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