Power to eradicate
Eradicates opponents' ships
Void (FFG)
Once per encounter, you may send one of your ships not in the encounter to the warp to cancel the effect of any one artifact card. The artifact card is discarded as normal.
You may use your power as an ally.

Void is an alien that has the power to remove opposing ships from the game instead of sending them to the Warp.


To be Updated

As VoidEdit

Use powers as early as possible to attack and to remove ships if granted a good hand. The fewer the ships the other opponents has, the lesser ships can be gained in regroup phrase, the better.

As such, Alien powers such as the Amoeba, Healer, Warpish would probably greatly oppose Void in encounters.

(i.e Allying against Void)

Employ Diplomacy, Assuring threats from the other side, while turning against and betraying allies at the correct moment to ensure victory

Against VoidEdit

Suppress the Void with high encounter cards.

Alien Powers:

Healer Brings back ships from the Abyss


To be updated


1: Zombie power is actually useless vs Void, beacause Void power is first - so all Zombie ships are removed from the game 2: Playing Negotiate Card without zapping Void power gives no compensation - beacause no ship is moved to warp.

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