You may be looking for The Warp, the CE database.

The warp (previously capitalized as Warp) is an area in which lost ships are stored. Once in the warp, a ship cannot be used until it is recalled through Regroup or released through a game effect such as Mobius Tubes.

Warp-Related Powers Edit

The Healer may free ships as soon as they enter the warp.

The Remora may free one of his ships from the warp whenever another player does so.

The Warpish adds the number of ships in the warp to his total in every encounter.

The Zombie may free ships from the warp as part of a deal.

The Sniveler may whine if he has the most ships in the warp to force other players to allow him to take all of his ships out, or they must all place ships in the warp until they have the same amount as the Sniveler.


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