Power of mastery
Adds experience points
Warrior (FFG)
When you are the defense, immediately after the encounter is over, you may encounter the offense in his or her home system. After your encounter, the normal order of play continues where it left off.
You may use your power to add your tokens to your side's total even as an ally.

Warrior is an alien that collects tokens after every encounter in which it is a main player. It can later use those tokens to add to its total. It gets stronger as the game progresses.


The FFG FAQ has the following clarifications about Warrior:

Warrior's first paragraph should read "You have the power of Mastery. After an encounter in which you were a main player, add one token to this sheet if you won that encounter (or made a deal during it) or two tokens if you lost that encounter (or failed to make a deal during it). In either case, add one extra token if playing with four planets per player."

This allows Warrior to collect tokens even if his power was zapped during the encounter.