Power of immortality
Never goes to warp
Zombie (FFG)
Each time you lose ships to the warp, you may prevent one of your ships from going to the warp, instead returning it to one of your colonies.
Each player who allies with you during an encounter may retrieve one ship from the warp (if any) and place it in the encounter. This ship does not count towards a player's normal limit of four ships in an encounter.

Zombie is an alien with a simple noncombat power: whenever its ships would normally go to the warp, they instead return to any colonies and can continue to be used.

While Zombie's power is very simple, it has caused various rule conflicts:

  • Does Zombie collect compensation?
    • No; it does not lose any ships to the warp, which is how compensation is measured.
  • Does Zombie use its power to avoid Void?
    • No; Void's power activates before Zombie's can.


Since the Zombie ships do not go to the Warp, the Zombie player can use them recklessly. He can intentionally lose a fight in which he has 4 ships in order to kill his allies' ships. He should always launch four ships as a main player and send four of his ships to ally whenever invited, as he has nothing to lose.

A slow, patient strategy seems to be good for Zombie. Target the opponents' population; don't rush for colonies necessarily. As time goes on your numerical advantage will grow as more enemy ships fall into the Warp. Since your goal is to press numerical superiority by keeping enemy ships in the warp, you should also try and save any Card Zaps you get to negate Mobius Tubes, although doing so repeatedly is unlikely to earn you any friends.

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